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Do you know a coach or entrepreneur who wants to serve more clients?A_profile_photo

Are they passionate about what they do, but unsure of how to phrase their marketing materials, create group programs, or set up their marketing system?

Then let's team up to help your friends to attract more clients and build the business they deserve!

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When you encourage your friends to seek my help, everybody benefits.

Your friends benefit because:

They learn how to attract and serve more clients with less time and effort, so they can help more people, make more money, and finally enjoy the lifestyle and impact on the world that they've been working for. They also have the opportunity to free up their time and get better results by hiring a professional to create their marketing materials for them.

You benefit because:

You get the satisfaction of helping people succeed, and you also establish yourself as a source of valuable solutions, an authority who knows where people can get the information they need.

You also earn a 50% commission every time a person you send to me purchases one of my digital products, and if one of your referrals hires me to do some copywriting for them, you'll get a 10% commission on the first project or batch of projects for which they contract me. (For example, if they contract me to write 10 blog posts at $75 each, your commission is $75.) This creates an easy source of passive income for you.

I benefit because:

I get to work with more passionate, dedicated coaches and entrepreneurs who are devoted to improving lives and making their businesses succeed.

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If you need assistance with any part of the process, email me at [email protected], and I'll help you get set up.


Ready to start helping your community and earning commissions?

Just fill out the form below!