Ready to
serve more people, without overloading your calendar and burning out?

I'm so happy to see you here! If you've been changing lives through one-on-one coaching, and you want a way to serve more people without stuffing more appointment slots into your calendar, I'd love to help you create a group coaching or training program that empowers you to:

- Help dozens of people in the time you used to spend helping one, so you can 10x your impact without burning out.

- Break the limits on your income by helping more clients in fewer hours, so you can buy what you want, support the causes and charities you care about, and give your loved ones the time and attention they need.

- Continue to make income through pre-recorded curricula even if you lose the ability to work, so you can feel safe and secure, knowing that an injury or illness won't destroy your livelihood.

- Feel powerful and fulfilled, because you're making a HUGE difference in as many lives as possible!

Our work is tailored to your needs.

Some people want someone to walk them through the whole process, so they can make sure everything is in place.

Others have most of it figured out, and just need to get a few questions answered or a few gaps filled in.

And others still have a few pieces in place, but aren't sure how many more pieces they need in order to complete the process.

That's why I chose a flexible coaching model, so you can choose how much coaching you need.

During our time together, I can help you to:

1. Choose a tantalizing outcome that your clients know is worth paying for.

2. Describe this outcome in a way that makes people want it.

3. Know what information to include in each part of your program, so you don't have to spend hours figuring out what to say.

4. Create a strategy to deliver the content of your program in a way that matches your personality, brand, passion, and skills. This includes choosing how much of your content is delivered via pre-recorded or written materials, live group training, live Q&As, private social media groups, and/or one-on-one sessions that come with the group program.

5. Master the technology you need to create your audios, slides, and videos, and to automatically send new clients the info they need to access the program, so you don't have to spend hours figuring it out on your own.

6. Provide personalized guidance in a way that ensures that your clients can get their questions answered, their unique challenges addressed, and their need for trust and connection met, without filling up too much of your schedule.

7. Get more engagement during your group coaching calls, so you can spend that time changing lives instead of waiting for people to think of a question.

8. Increase the value of your program by adding bonuses that dazzle your potential clients, and that help your program participants get bigger, faster results with less effort.

9. Add an upsell that helps you continue your relationship with your clients, give them more value, and increase your income.

10. Make sure you have enough content to impress your clients, change their lives, and leave them eager to tell their friends about you.

11. Charge what you're worth, and know that you're worth it. What if you could create a program worth $1,000, $5,000, $10,000, or more, and sell it with confidence, because you know it's more than worth the price?

12. Make the time to create your course, even if you're already busy.

If you're ready to start serving ten clients in the time you used to spend serving one, so you can 10x your income and impact without having to 10x your work hours, scroll down to check out my coaching packages!

What coaching packages can you choose from, and what do they cost?

To enable you to get the exact amount of coaching you need, I have several packages:

1. The Thirty-Minute Touch-Up

If you have your program mostly figured out, but there's a problem that's stopping you from getting it launched, I'll help you overcome that challenge, so you can launch your program and start changing more lives!

Every day your program isn't available to your clients is a day when you might be missing opportunities to transform lives and grow your own abundance, so let's get it launched as soon as possible!

Price: $100

2. The Ninety-Minute Deep Dive

This package is for you if you have part of your program figured out, but you've run into one or more of the following speed bumps:

- There are several large problems that are stalling your progress.

- There are multiple big gaps in the program that you need to fill in, and you want to determine exactly what to put there, so you can finish creating the program quickly and easily.

- You need a second set of eyes on the program's outline as a whole, to make sure it has everything it needs.

- You need to learn most or all of the technology required to create and deliver the program.

During this call, I'll help you overcome the problems that are stalling your progress, and create a detailed plan for completing your remaining steps, so you can create a program worth $1k or more with ease and confidence!

Price: $250

3. Program Creation Mentoring

When you're just starting to work on your coaching program, you might not know how much coaching you need. Depending on your learning style, you might need to learn how to complete one stage of the process, implement it, and then get more coaching to handle the new questions that come up.

If you can relate to that, this is the package for you.

You can have one call, five, ten, whatever - you're in charge! Whenever you need to overcome a problem or learn how to complete the next stage of creating your program, I'm here to help.

Price: $200 per 1-hour session.


What other people say about me:


"1 Month Program Builder" makes it easy to turn your knowledge into a coaching program. Stephanie gives clear, actionable strategies for every step of the process, and she also provides tools the reader can use to tailor the program they create to their ideal audience and lifestyle.

While I was using this book, I always knew which step to take next, and exactly how to take it, so I could create my program without any guesswork or wasted time.

If you're thinking of turning your expertise into a curriculum, you can save yourself a lot of time and effort by getting this book.

- Kent Felice
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