Why am I passionate about helping coaches to serve more clients?Stephanie smiling

Because coaching has made such a huge difference in my own life, and I want to join more coaches on their mission to help other people the way they helped me.

I want to see more people break free from the emotional wounds, painful circumstances, and self-destructive mindsets that are keeping them captive, so they can soar joyfully through the amazing life that they were meant to live.

And I also want to help coaches enjoy the freedom, fulfillment, abundance and fun that people who are changing the world for the better deserve to experience.

Coaching transformed my life, and I realized coaches need transformations, too.

I spent my whole childhood struggling to make friends, and my young adulthood being convinced that I had to spend a lot of my precious life doing work I didn't enjoy because I couldn't create wealth by doing what I loved.

By the time I was in my early teens, my circle of "friends" was mostly just a list of phone numbers I called each week to see if anyone wanted to hang out that weekend, and the answer was nearly always "no".

As you can imagine, my self-worth did a nosedive, and it took my mental health down with it. I began to believe, on a level too deep to be cured with simple logic, that no one outside my family wanted me unless they needed me for something.

It was only when I was in my early twenties, and I started working with a relationship coach, that I finally began to discover why this pattern of struggle and isolation kept repeating in my life. I discovered how my own mindsets, beliefs and behaviors were creating the same reality I was trying to escape, and replaced them with beliefs and skills that empowered me to create the close and lasting friendships I'd been struggling to build my whole life.

As I navigated the confusing waters of early adulthood, coaches continued to guide me through the process of building my company, marketing my skills, and growing as a person. But even as coaches helped me to grow in the areas I'd been struggling with, I noticed that they, too, had their areas of struggle.


When you're a big-picture person, managing a horde of details can be a frustrating ordeal.

Many of the coaches I've met are visionaries. They see big transformations they want to create, and impacts they want to make on clients and communities.

What they HATE looking at is the plethora of nagging details that are required for growing their business.

Teaching people how to create the lives, relationships, careers and lifestyles of their dreams? "YES!"

Recording that information, editing the recordings, organizing them into a curriculum, and getting that curriculum set up in an online delivery system? "UGH."


Get you a friend who can do both.

The good news is, there are people who can both share your big vision and your excitement for it, AND figure out all the step-by-step details that are needed to turn that vision into an actionable plan. In fact, I started honing that skill long before I even knew that there were coaches for anything besides sports.

I started writing stories long before I reached my teens, and by the time I was twelve years old, I'd written my first full-length novel.

Today, I've written fourteen novels, self-published the most recent and well-polished four, and created two pre-recorded courses, one of which was completed in just over a week.

Through this process, I've gained a great deal of experience in taking a large amount of information, like the plot, character arcs, and foreshadowing in a novel, or the sum of a coach's expertise, and organizing it into the coherent and easy-to-follow flow of a novel or coaching course.

By combining that experience with my seven+ years as the client of multiple coaches, I've created a step-by-step system that coaches can use to create a life-changing coaching program in relatively little time.

If you want a helping hand to turn your big vision into a coaching program that empowers you to get paid for changing lives, contact me today so we can schedule a call and discuss your goals!



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