Do you have a book inside you, and need some help getting it out?

Writing a book can be an amazing experience. It can boost your credibility, give you a way to share your wisdom and story even when you aren't physically present, and serve as proof to yourself and others that you can tackle a big project and get it done.

But it can also be a daunting and complex endeavor. You will need to:Hand holding a pen and resting on a notebook

- Choose a topic that you'll love to write and your audience will love to read.

- Decide how much of your knowledge on that topic you want to put in the book, so it's comprehensive without being excessive or too repetitive.

- Figure out the order in which that information should be presented.

- Convey the information or story in a way that's engaging, easy to understand, and attention-holding.

- Give your readers clear instructions for implementing your guidance, if the book is teaching-oriented.

- Get rid of any typos, grammatical errors, confusing sentences, repetitive words or phrases, or overly long sentences or paragraphs that made it into your first draft.

- Choose the right font, paragraph spacing, line indents, and other such formatting for your publisher of choice.

Stephanie making a welcoming gestureThe good news is, you don't have to do any of that alone.

I've self-published four novels, written a step-by-step guide that walks you through the process of creating a group coaching program, and coauthored the book Get More Referrals and Make More Sales: How to Get Your Referral Marketing Done For You, and Turn More Leads Into Paying Clients.

I'd be happy to help you turn your vision, expertise or experience into a book you can be proud of. Even if it's your very first book, and you have no idea what you're doing, I can help you figure out exactly how to turn the scattered ideas in your mind into a completed product.

How do you get started?

If you're starting from scratch, and you need to figure out what you're going to write about or how you're going to write about it, your first step is to book a 20-minute Clarity Call. During this call, I'll help you get a clear idea of your vision and goals, and I'll also give you some useful advice for outlining and writing your book.

At the end of the call, when we both have a clearer idea of what this project will look like and how much of the work I will do, I'll give you some recommendations and a quote.

If you already have a book - or any other written material - written or mostly written, and you want to make sure you're putting the best version of it out there, I'll be happy to edit it for you. The price will depend on the level of editing required; see the price chart below.

If desired, while I'm creating the edited version of the document, I can format it according to the requirements of your chosen publisher, provided I can access a list of their requirements through you or via the internet.

Services included: Basic copyedit
$1/100 words
Min. $10/project
Comprehensive edit
$4/100 words
$15/100 words
+ 1 hour of free consultation
Edit for spelling, punctuation & grammar X X X
Remove/replace misused words X X X
1 additional round of revisions* X ***
Improve sentence structure for easier reading X X
Restructure paragraphs to make them easier to follow & understand X X
Offer suggestions for improving the structure of the document as a whole X X
Offer suggestions to improve the flow and clarity of your message X X
1-hour consultation** X
Rewrite sections of the document X
2 additional rounds of revisions X

*After the initial edit, I will send the document back to you for evaluation, whereupon you can approve or adjust the changes I made. If you want further revisions, you can send the document back to me for a final polishing.

**Additional consultations after the initial consultation are $150/hour.

***More details about my rewriting service:

For this level of service, I will rewrite the document – e.g. for a different audience, to completely rearrange the sequence in which the information is presented, or to put a fresh spin on old content.

We’ll begin with a consultation via phone or Zoom, during which we’ll discuss what kind of changes you want made and the goal of these changes.

If you aren’t sure what kind of changes you want, I can assess the document before the consultation, then make recommendations either via email or during the call. Once we’ve agreed on the changes to be made, I will begin rewriting.

Once the first draft of the rewritten document is complete, I will send it to you for evaluation. If you approve of the changes, I will perform a round of copyediting for spelling and grammar, then send you the completed document. If you do not approve, tell me what you want me to change, and I will perform up to 2 rounds of revisions before the final spelling/grammar edit.

For new clients, I charge 50% up front and 50% upon completion. Established clients may pay upon completion. You may also choose to pay for each chapter separately, if you prefer.

You will own all the rights to the finished product, and I will sign a non-disclosure agreement if you choose to provide me with one.

Not sure what level of editing you need? I'll help you figure it out.

If you aren’t sure what kind of editing you need, I can provide an initial assessment of the whole document or a sample for $3 per 100 words.

In the course of this assessment, I will read over the document and either recommend a level of editing, or suggest significant changes to the manuscript that would require your approval before I perform them.

Either way, you will get some valuable and in-depth advice that will help you to improve your writing, so you can create better books and pay less in editing fees in the future.

Ready to get started?

That's great! Your next step is to contact me, and either send me a written description of the project or schedule a 20-minute Clarity Call.

I look forward to working with you!