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Want to attract and serve more clients in less time?
Here's how I can help you.


Every coach is unique. You have your own inimitable style and personality, and it's important to build your business in a way that's aligned with your values and skills, and that will give you energy and joy instead of taking them away.

If you're ready to attract more clients and transform their lives, to enjoy more income and free time, and to feel more relaxed and joyful while you run your business, I'd love to hear from you.

I want to help you create a personalized plan for growing a business that's ideally suited to you, and to guide you, step by step, through the process of putting it in place. 

I'd love to help you to:

1.  Choose the client attraction tools, such as webinars, speaking engagements and 1-1 consulations, that are right for you.

2.  Determine where your ideal clients are, and how to get their attention.

3.  Gain your potential clients' trust and inspire them to enroll with you.

4.  Create group programs, so you can serve hundreds of people in less time than you're currently spending serving a few, and remove the upper limits from your income.

5.  Create and maintain a mindset that magnetically draws success to you.

6.  Reach a wider audience by using social media, guest blogging, guest speaking engagements, and other powerful client attraction tools.

7.  Run your business smoothly and easily, so you can get everything done and still have plenty of free time.

8.  Hire the right people to take care of the tasks that you don't enjoy and aren't good at.

Are you ready to get started?

Just send me an email at [email protected], and we'll set up a time to see if I'm the right person to help you build the business you desire.

What my clients say about me:  


Thank you, Tina, for this lovely video review!
If you want to understand why many children struggle to learn, obey, succeed, and be happy, and to discover how to raise your children to be happy, healthy, loving and successful, check out Tina's website at

Working with Stephanie improved our conversion rates!

My company has been working with Stephanie since 2013, and we’ve been thrilled by the speed and quality of her service.

Stephanie is great at crafting short, powerful emails that generate high open and click-through rates. For example, one of her recent emails brought us 200 leads for a high-ticket product, from 3,600 click-throughs.

She really captures the voice of the person she’s writing for, so the emails sound natural and welcoming, and she follows directions very well. She displays great attention to detail, and has often offered suggestions and observations that improved our marketing results.

She responds quickly to our requests, and consistently delivers by the deadlines we agree upon. All in all, we are very happy with her copywriting services.

Bottom line: should you hire her? No… we want her all for ourselves. ;)

- Nick Bogatin, Director of Marketing

When I first met Stephanie, I was getting some clients through my website, but not as many as I wanted. My main problem was that I didn't know how to describe my services in writing in a way that my clients responded to.

Stephanie rewrote much of my website, and within a couple weeks of applying her changes, I'd already given 2 client estimates in January, and I've never  given estimates in January before.

I am very pleased with Stephanie's work, skill and knowledge, and I will be hiring only her for future work as our website is constantly changing.

My review rating is 5 STARS+"

- Tom Grosh, lawn care and landscaping expert.



Stephanie is a very talented copywriter who does a fabulous job of capturing the voice and feel of speaking to your avatar client.

I have hired her for several launches, all of which had conversions in the tens of thousands. If you're looking for a skilled copywriter, you can count on Stephanie to be professional, reliable, quick, and effective.

- Jennifer Jimenez, health and wellness expert.



Stephanie made it easy for me to design my group program effectively!

When Stephanie and I first talked, I wanted to start serving more people in less time by doing group sessions, but I wasn't sure how to make that happen or how to create the program and how to promote it for maximum results.

Through her step-by-step questionnaires, guides and walkthroughs, Stephanie made it easy for me to design a great program in way less time than I thought it would take. She also helped me figure out exactly what components I need for my sales funnel, so I can proceed with clarity and confidence. It is such a pleasure working with Stephanie and her calm and helpful insights.

- Janine Shapiro
Janine Kathleen Wellness  


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