Ready to make a bigger difference in the world, and increase your wealth?

1 Month to Lucrative Group Programs VIP Creation SessionI'm so happy to see you here! If you're a coach or mentor who's been changing lives through one-on-one coaching, and you're tired of having your impact and income limited by the number of hours and appointment slots in a day, I'd love to help you create a program that will allow you to:

- Change dozens, hundreds, or even THOUSANDS of lives at a time, instead of just one per coaching session.

- Free your income from the limits of your work schedule, so you can create wealth that enables you to buy what you want, feel good because you can support the causes and charities you care about, and give your loved ones the time and attention they need.

- Continue to make income through your pre-recorded curricula even if you lose the ability to work, so you can feel safe and secure, knowing that an injury or illness won't destroy your livelihood.

- Feel powerful and fulfilled, because you're making a HUGE difference in as many lives as possible!

In this 3-hour VIP coaching session, I'll walk you through:

1. Choosing the specific outcome you want your clients to get from the program, if you haven’t already chosen it.

2. Describing this outcome in a way that makes people want it.

3. Outlining the content of your program, so you know what information you want to include in the course and in what order you want to deliver it.

4. Creating a strategy to deliver the content of your program in a way that matches your brand, personality, passion and skills. This includes choosing how much of your content is delivered via pre-recorded or written materials vs. live group training, live Q&As, private social media groups, or one-on-one sessions that come with the group program.

5. The logistical and technological details of delivering your program, such as creating audios, slides and videos, as well as editing your content, hosting and delivering the training materials, and conducting group calls in a productive and orderly way.

6. How to incorporate personalized guidance into your group coaching in a way that ensures that your clients can get their questions answered, their unique challenges addressed, and their need for trust and connection met, without taking up too much of your time.

7. Determining what kind of scripts, templates, self-assessment questionnaires, or other such tools you should include in the program, and how to design them.

8. Deciding whether or not to have an upsell, and if so, what info to include in the entry-level course as opposed to the upsell.

By the time the session is over, you should have everything you need to create a group program and start delivering it in a month or less!

The cost for this session is $1,000, and it will enable you to create programs you can sell for $1,000 or more per client, while doing less work per client than you're doing right now.

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